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Friday, August 22, 2014

When prints arrive, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!  I can never open the package up quick enough to see the session on paper.  Once an order has been placed, it takes all of me to stop stalking the mailman for the order.
 The family sessions held in a client's home gets to enjoy a print of each edited file and the USB drive all packaged in a cute little keepsake box.  My oh my…I do adore this product.
It's rarely do print orders since I began including all the edited digital files in session fees.  Trust me, that was a very hard decision to make.    Like, extremely hard…I do love knowing my clients have personal wall art from a quality and professional print lab.   

The lab I recommend printing at is  This online printing lab was created by a professional print lab called Miller's.  It was created for the clients that was quality professional printing at competitive pricing to chain stores such as Walmart, Costco, etc.   Trust me, once you order a print from and compare it to a print from Costco, you will see the difference.  And the best part about Mpix is their turnaround speed…LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Nothing better than knowing in a matter of days you'll have beautiful prints from your session with me or other photographers.  

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This post is embarrassingly, super way over due!   One of my sweet clients added a little bundle of joy early this year, when I'm typically on vacation after the fall season.  Not that it's an excuse, but more of being out of the loop in staying on top of sharing pictures from the sweet sessions I have.

Last fall, we met for their mini maternity session which I blogged a gazillion pictures from because it was THAT beautiful!  

Here are a few of my favorites from the months before their newborn session 
to celebrate their baby boy.
And here is the precious and squishy little guy just days after he was born. 
Baby brother was hungry A LOT that day, which gave me lots of time to play with his big sister who is always the cutest for pictures.  She was so patient in waiting to have pictures with him. 
How creative is her brushing up on her big sister reading skills.  
Adore this little moment when she was watching and waiting for the session to start.
I know I write it over and over again, but my clients truly are the best. I'm lucky to photograph families from the days before their first baby and continue working with them as their family grows.  This client is every bit of amazingness to work with.  Always smiling, patient, easy going and simply cherish these moments of the miracle they enjoy each day.
I adore this family and thanks for inviting me into your home once again to capture these moments that pass way too quick!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

After  finishing my very first entire summer off in over 8 years in business, I started back with the ideal session…a newborn session.  I've been fortunate to start photographing this family when they were expecting their first son.  When they scheduled this session in May, I couldn't wait until their second baby boy arrived.  As the due date was just a week away, I kept waiting for the text that he arrived.  Then the due date came and went.  Then I received the text I'd been waiting for.  He made a late arrival and was perfectly plump and healthy.

Introducing sweet baby Carter.
His mother, Elizabeth, is a good friend of my cousin and we both laugh when I ask her if there is anything that could make her mad or irritated.  Because I swear, she is the most calm and sweet girl that I couldn't imagine ever seeing her frustrated.   The pictures below are a couple of my favorites from the session. It perfectly captures how peaceful, calm and sweet she is. Even in the midst of the emotions and chaos that accompany a newborn session with a toddler.
The sweet big brother is slowly adjusting to his new life sharing his mom with his brother.   I think he was dealing with it just fine since we had quite the entertaining session with my assistant hiding behind me and pretending to have a dinosaur tickling me. But it worked for getting his adorable giggles and seeing the subtle dimple in his cheek.
How absolutely adorable is that little smile! He has the cutest little voice to match his cuteness.
We played games, his dad had a giant teddy bear behind me, we tried bribing and in the end, the winning ticket was giving him Tic Tacs.  It's this simple little bribing prop that will be the perfect memories to look back on and giggle when he's grown up.
I usually post the outtakes from the session, but surprisingly that only pictures another might think of as outtakes…I think are frame worthy. They absolutely crack me up with how it perfectly captures a family with a 2 year old.  

I couldn't say it enough, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures of how it is today and 
will be only memories soon.

Their first baby | Gilbert Maternity Photographer

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We all know that maternity sessions always make my heart pitter patter and remember how much I loved being pregnant.  And photographing a couple expecting their first baby is just as precious and exciting in remembering the overwhelming happiness felt in the weeks before the baby arrives.
Back in the spring, they scheduled their session when they were in town for their baby shower.  At first they were wanting a gorgeous outdoor location and suggested the Botanical Gardens.  Then when thinking of the blasting Arizona June heat….it was quickly moved to their families home to allow for water and air conditioning breaks.  The Arizona heat is insanely overwhelming.

Inspite of the heat, these two were loving the moments captured just enjoying this stage before their baby arrives.
Both of their families were there during the session and then off to dinner.  The expecting mother wanted a few pictures with her mother…as her only child and soon having her first grand baby.
In between shooting, there were several breaks taken to cool off.  The outtakes were pretty funny, along with a little dance move.