Finding love | Gilbert Family Photography

Sunday, April 13, 2014

One of my friends of 20+ years is getting married.  Not only did she give me the honor of photographing her family before their wedding, I am honored to stand next to her when she takes her vows with an incredible man that she has patiently waited to find.  My friend is the pure example of knowing what she deserves in a marriage and never settled.  The pure happiness she has in these days leading up to her wedding is incredible and brings me happy tears.  

She is an incredible woman, mother and friend that found an amazing man to spend the rest of her life with.  And a pretty fantastic little league coach for her son too if I might add!

Twins…adorable and FUN! | Gilbert Child Photographer

Friday, April 11, 2014

I had serious anticipation for this session with these kids.  And not just brother and sister, but twins!  I'm very grateful that their mother has become a friend that I'm thankful to have found. Along with the added bonus that we met because our daughters were friends.  When their mom sent me a text asking for session information, I was beyond flattered that she enjoyed my work enough to hire me.

I was happy at the thought of photographing her kids since I'm kinda a HUGE fan of her daughter.  I remember walking into Camryn's 1st grade class and this adorable little girl with curly hair ran up to hug me.  While hugging she said she knew I was Camryn's mom and asking when we could have a playdate.   I couldn't believe, I finally met another girl that could be Camryn's clone.  Both her and Camryn live in what I like to call happy land: never without a smile, chatty, kind, and thoughtful.

A couple months ago, Cam and her friend had a day adventure that her dad took them on.  I about died laughing when I got a text from her dad reading that I need them for any reason that they'll be at Taco Bell since every time they try to leave one of the girls have another story to tell.  And then writing that he couldn't believe there would be another little girl so much like his.  It's hysterical how true it is.

I first met their mom when we both stayed at a birthday party one evening.  After talking with her mom, it was unbelievable how much we had in common in parenting style and view on life.  Now we've become friends that share books for each other and our kids.

I'm lucky my girls go to school with kids that I've become friends with their mom's that I admire and respect in today's society, which I've found to be rare unfortunately.  My girls have lost a few friends when their families have moved that made us very sad.  I'm pretty sure these kid's mom knows I'll get all crazy stalker if she even thinks about leaving this school…they are stuck.

Onto the cuteness with these 8 year old twins!

My favorite perfectly imperfect family session | Gilbert Family Photography

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Phew, for it being spring I have been almost as busy the past two months like it's the fall season.  I'm officially behind in keeping up with processing orders.  THIS session being the the most recent I'm behind my schedule on.  It's incredibly difficult for me when I'm behind schedule especially when there's a session that I'm dying to give it some blogging light.  And I personally know the mother in this family has been checking this blog every day and very patience in seeing her session.

I'd like to consider this my favorite perfectly imperfect family session.  For starters, when this family comes to Phoenix for a family vacation I'm flattered when I receive an email to schedule a session.  And this email was with fabulous news, they have a little boy.  I first photographed this family when their oldest was a little baby and here she is all grown up and full of little girl fashion.

We had a session date scheduled weeks before they arrived, then had one reschedule for Sedona trip and then random Arizona weather happened with wind gusts, dust storms and big grey clouds.  By the time we had their session, it was the day before they flew back to New York.

What makes this perfect is how the parents are extremely laid back, just smile through the chaotic moments with three little ones and soak up all the different personalities of their kids.

I'm going to attempt to sum up my rambling with how much fun I had with this family. 
The oldest: we could sit all day and chat about girl fashion.
The middle: Just laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh while finding new adventures.
The youngest:  TOTAL cardio workout partner or probably a great fitness trainer.

During the session, we dodged wind gusts and enjoyed the bursts of sunshine here and there. By the the end of the session, the perfect visit sharing stories of having girls.  When the session was over and I got a hug from both the parents, my heart melted in remembering how amazing photography has been to me in meeting families to watch grow.

Keep a little eye out for how many wardrobe changes there were with headbands, glasses and hats!  I just loved it.  Ah, the life of a little girl.

Gah!  I LOVE LOVE this picture below!  One day, ONE DAY, I hope to have a picture of me with my girls like this. Pure love.
Will and Chris, you TWO seriously rock it at raising amazing children!    Thanks for a fabulous family session and it was worth all the ups and downs with the wonky Arizona weather.

Onto my favorite outtakes!  Big sis checking out the wad of drool hanging from her brother's lip.