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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We all know that maternity sessions always make my heart pitter patter and remember how much I loved being pregnant.  And photographing a couple expecting their first baby is just as precious and exciting in remembering the overwhelming happiness felt in the weeks before the baby arrives.
Back in the spring, they scheduled their session when they were in town for their baby shower.  At first they were wanting a gorgeous outdoor location and suggested the Botanical Gardens.  Then when thinking of the blasting Arizona June heat….it was quickly moved to their families home to allow for water and air conditioning breaks.  The Arizona heat is insanely overwhelming.

Inspite of the heat, these two were loving the moments captured just enjoying this stage before their baby arrives.
Both of their families were there during the session and then off to dinner.  The expecting mother wanted a few pictures with her mother…as her only child and soon having her first grand baby.
In between shooting, there were several breaks taken to cool off.  The outtakes were pretty funny, along with a little dance move.

An Arizona summer session…with fun in the irrigation ditch. | Gilbert Children Photography

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I met this family 4 years ago when their daughter and my twins were in preschool.  Shortly after, our sons quickly became friends and I was fortunate to get to know this family.  The mom is probably one of the most kind, patient and sweetest girl I've known.  

Their youngest son just turned 8 months old and is absolutely adorable, squishable, happy and very easy going baby.   Sadly, for this session he really had me work for his smiles which is so not typical of him.   The session was really to capture him in this smiley stage and with his brother and sister.  But then he was happiest when held by his parents, which was the perfect excuse to have his mom and dad finally included.  
Big sister Peyton and her sun kissed cheeks.  
His lips!   Seriously I die every time I see him pucker!
After the session, the kids took off running to find apples on the trees and splashing around in the irrigation ditch.

And what is a blog post with out my favorite outtakes from the session!  
Enjoy the fun random moments that most wouldn't consider portrait worthy but THESE are the memories that tell the story of a family.

Brilliant little boys | Phoenix Family Photographer

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm one of the luckiest gals that actually loves my job.  Every single moment of my job is amazing and fun.  I know I've written this over and over, but it's true…it's my clients that make my job easy to leave my family and juggle finding the hours to work.

This client is just one example.  In the days before her session while messaging back and forth, I couldn't help but smile and completely agree with her when she wrote she was excited for the session and our standard … way too long… chat session after the picture session.  Our conversations are always my favorite.  It's true, Michele and I could talk for hours.  And then to make it even better, she has become my after hours doctor when I've had questions, concerns or just advice.  Michele is a pediatric doctor at Phoenix Children's hospital and has one of the kindest, giving and unconditionally caring heart for others.

This picture is exactly what I was doing when the sun starting shining just as her session was finishing up.  Aside from her oldest son's 1st birthday session taken in July, when the humidity was insane and we probably lost 10 pounds each just from sweating, every session has been cloudy or rainy.  Including  the very first time I photographed them at their house during a monsoon rainstorm.  

I couldn't have been happier for her to finally have glorious evening light.
It's amazing how different light can add details to pictures.  Of course these are just as happy and loving, but their personalities needed the pops of color from a sunny day to match how happy and energetic they are.
Since the last time I saw Michele, she has been doing the Orange Theory workout and looks amazing. 
When the session was over, she had her oldest tell me all of the presidents in order of terms.  Yep, he recited each president in order.  I was thankful he didn't give me a pop quiz or I definitely would've failed.  I think I was painting my nails during american history my senior year because I was put to shame with this little guy's brilliance.
And then took it to the next level, had her 2 year old start telling me the presidents…so far he has the first 8 memorized by terms which gives me time to start studying the presidents.
Michele, thanks for another great session, good conversation, the laughs and your all around realness.